Saturday, 14 January 2012



Welcome to my blog :)

I have created this blog to showcase my new creations, updates, post inspiration and a few surprise extras in between!

Here is a preview of my new 2012 collection:

Why DOLLYgirl?

Each piece is handmade by me from start to finish - hand-cut, hand-sewn using various techniques and stitches, you get the idea......

They can be brooches, hair clips, shoe clips, rings, earrings.....the list goes on

They can also be made in to wedding bouquets or flower arrangements for a unique, one of a kind gift

I use wool felt for better quality pieces and vintage buttons that I pick up on my travels, so your special piece may end up with a heirloom incorporated in to it or maybe  buttons from a 1970's dress! 

Each piece is unique - there are never 2 alike, just like you :)

Thank you so much for visiting

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